Volta Circuit introduces breakthrough multi-signature wallet with $4.1m seed funding

Volta Circuit, a pioneering FinTech company, has successfully secured $4.1m in seed funding.

This significant financial injection was led by Fika Ventures and Haven Ventures, with additional participation from Soma Capital, Dispersion Capital, and Uphonest Capital.

Volta is revolutionizing the digital asset industry through its flagship product, the Volta Circuit. This cutting-edge, multi-signature, non-custodial platform is setting new industry standards for smart wallet infrastructure, characterized by its speed, ease of use, and enhanced security for self-custody of digital assets.

Volta Circuit is designed to address the pressing need for scalable, secure, and efficient digital asset management without the compromises that have traditionally plagued blockchain technologies.

Volta co-founder and CEO George Melika said, “Volta Circuit is the new standard for a straightforward and safe way to work with digital assets. We’re solving the key problems faced by investors by ensuring security, speed, and full ownership. Volta Circuit is the only solution that gives institutions direct control of a fast, secure, scalable, and customizable infrastructure to build and scale digital asset businesses and trading operations without the limitations or costs of a centralized platform.”

The significance of Volta’s technology is echoed by Gabriella Brignardello of Fika Ventures. “We strongly believe that Volta is an emerging leader in the next wave of decentralized finance as investors seek out a safer and more accessible option to manage their digital assets. Volta’s technology is unique in that it provides institutional investors with secure access without compromising the flexibility needed to meet their existing infrastructure needs.”

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